AMDL publishes a guide for outsourcing logistic activities


As part of its efforts to promote and encourage good logistic practices, AMDL has developed a guide for outsourcing logistic activities for Moroccan businesses.

This guide, available on the website of AMDL, is a tool that offers to popularize a set of concepts related to the outsourcing of logistic operations and offers good reflexes and the recommended approaches for the implementation of such projects from the conception phase to the operational phase.

This guide is therefore a relevant awareness tool around the benefits and opportunities of outsourcing logistic activities.

Awareness outsourcing fits perfectly within the 2014- 2020 action plans for improving the logistic competitiveness of “import-export” flux, “internal distribution” and “building materials” signed by the public and private sector in May 2014.

This guide is accompanied by two cost simulators relating to storage and transport designed inorder to calculate and evaluate the various direct and indirect logistic costs and to identify the most important logistics cost centers within the business.

The guide and the two simulators are downloadable from the website of the AMDL:


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