Bombardier is planning to develop the national railway ecosystem in order to meet the demand for mobility at the regional level. For this, Bombardier plans to create a rail industrial cluster to serve both the domestic market and boost exports to other African countries. The announcement was made today. Bombardier announced plans for the establishment of the railway industry cluster which also has ambitions to export in order to meet demand at the European markets.
The announcement was made during a supplier event in Casablanca where Bombardier Transportation presented its Moroccan strategy to local and foreign suppliers as well as an audience of representatives of governmental and professional organizations, in the presence of Minister of industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, the Minister of Equipment and Transport and the Canadian Ambassador to Morocco.

“The African continent faces significant mobility issues to support its growing urbanization and facilitate economic development in key cities,” said Tawfiq Boussaid, President of Bombardier Transport Morocco. He added, “Morocco is the logical place to install our African strategic industrial platform. This country is already ahead through strong investment projects in rail infrastructure, rolling materials for railways and urban networks. The investment of foreign capital via localization is essential to stimulate activity at national and international level. A strong rail ecosystem will generate economic benefits, create jobs and improve the skills of the local workforce through training and technology transfer, which will attract more foreign companies to the country. This is the beginning of a virtuous circle for Morocco. “


  1. Finalement ces gens vont fabriquer des trams au Maroc ou pas, j’ai vu qu’à Casa, il y aura le lancement de la ligne 2 et 3, à Rabat, une extension…., si Bombardier s’installe il peut déjà fournir Casa-Rabat et peut-être d’autres villes, et ensuite prospecter en Afrique pour exporter
    Essayons de les relancer


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