The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy is organizing the 19th edition of the National Quality Award and the 13th National Award for Safety at Work, under the theme “Quality supports the competitiveness and sustainability of a company. ”
This competition aims to reward the companies that stand out for quality or best safety procedures, and encourage companies to achieve high levels of excellence, to share good practices and root quality and safety culture at work at all levels.
The awards also offer the candidates the opportunity to engage in an evaluation of their performance in quality and safety and to identify areas for improvement based on the standards of these awards.
The road followed during the assessment phase allows each organization to aim for everyday performance, and develop a structuring and mobilizing team project. The winning companies receive further benefits in terms of their image within their entire ecosystem.
The National Quality Award and the National Award for Safety at Work are open to SMIs, SMEs, large industrial enterprises and large service organizations.
An exemplary company wins in each of 4 categories and incentive certificates are given to deserving organizations.
Repositories and application forms for these awards are downloadable from the Ministry website:
Deadline for submitting applications: 15 November 2016


• Delegations of Commerce and Industry (contacts available on
• Directorate for the Quality and Monitoring of the Market. Such. : 05 37 71 17 88 Fax: 0537.71.17.98. (


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