RIVA Industries: The steel that makes the difference …

RIVA Industries: Le Sidérurgiste qui Marque la Différence…

Exemplary steel complex, like those of the most innovative in the world, Riva Industries, an investment of nearly 800 Million Dh is a new Moroccan unit offering a variety of long and special steel in accordance with the strict national and international standards.

Located at the second installment of the industrial area of MEDZ an Jorf Lasfar, this model unit, backed MESKI Holding (Group BELMEKKI: National leader in the building materials industry and the first national distributor of these products) was able to intergrate in its investment choices the latest advances in the steel industry in the world in several areas: digital technology, automated industrial systems, computer and communications network. Therefore it has the best technologies in the sector that are similar to those established recently in the Mediterranean region, Asia and America. The first phase of the project that has materialized consists of a latest generation mill specialized in the production of reinforcing rod with an approach based on environmental protection and sustainable development. Riva Industries occupies thirty hectares and enjoys a unique position since it is supplied using the rail and port infrastructure intergrated in this platform. The distribution network of BELMEKKI group, the development of new installations and the fleet of trucks, combined with the logistical infrastructure allows a competitive position locally and nationally.

Regarding the environmental aspects, investments in auxiliary reached 40 million Dirhams and in compliance with the limit of emissions set by the European directive and the Moroccan authorities. The water used by the plant is treated in a station using a powerful technology of treatment cycles and automatic dosing systems, which allows to satisfy environmental requirements on one hand, and on the other, to increase the life of the plant’s equipment. Riva Industries employs hundreds of people, and has proceeded to establish together with international partners, a highly equipped technical center for training and research and development.


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